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    Hello Lore!
    Found something you might be interested to see, was checking the jobs page on Blizzard and found they're looking for a "FX/Gen Artist" for an Unannounced game title not under the listing for the next MMO!
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    Hey Lore!
    Awesome video's, I love 'em!

    On which server on the Beta are you?

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    Hey Lore. I love you video guides your Stream, Marmots! And I really love your UI, Could you update it please! You're so awesome! That would be really nice, because i've tried to set it up myself, but didnt happen ^_^ Thank you!
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    Hey Lore. Love your videoes, and your way to say things just makes me laugh! Never stop doing it!
    So I've watched alot of your marmots, and they I love them! Just really amazing to watch, and interesting. I have a suggestion for a possible future subject in Cataclysm. When all the classes may be near the end of where blizz is saying: "alright we are happy about the classes now", you know. I think it would be cool, if you could talk about every single class, after your oppinion. Like what you like about the class, what is missing what mods that could be cool, what kinda things tha would improve other players experience by doing, what you now suggest. I know that it may be a big subject and i'am not saying that you need to like fill a whole marmot episode with it, but just the basic atleast of what your meaning is about them.

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    Hi Lore,
    I had the pleasure of watching your live stream raid the other night and forgot how I got to the web page. I also enjoyed watching the Starcraft commentary you were giving between the games of you and your friends. (which unfortunately i did not finish watching). Could you post the link to the site on the next marmot, or simply tell me the URL?
    (abbreviated char name)
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    Hey Lore, I was just reading the Blizzchat and I read that Paladins will be using Holy Power as like a new 'build' up for a super powerful attack or spell cast. And I was wondering how it would work, such as how an assassination rogues envenom would? Just wondering what your views would be on this subject since you play a Paladin as do I. Thanks
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    Hello Lore!

    I was wondering, what is your opinion when it comes to healing in Cataclysm? For me, it is a bit weird, seeing as they stated that healers will need to control their mana much more in Cataclysm, which really only applies to Paladins atm (and possible Shamans), but again, the healing class that they have said is going to be most different, are Paladins. How does this match up?
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    Great vids to you and aliena keep the good job up=D Also, kinda random but on ur weekly marmot with the new specs, i already see 1 class that will have some troubles creating a new spec: the mutilate rogue pvp. As you probably know the spec is no where near taking 51 points in mutilate tree, so i can wait to see. I expect to see something similar for pvp resto druids, but not as intense.
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    Hello Lore,

    I love this site and both you and Alina have helped me improve my game play of my Priest and Warrior quite a bit with your advice on here it is very much appreciated. How ever my Main it a hunter and i was just wondering you you guys will ever be having someone on here that can do videos and such stuff from a Hunter,s point of view. I realize that your site is mostly about tanking and Healing or even melee DPS but im sure you guys caould do it all.

    Thanks again for all the advice and helpfull videos.
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    I request you wear a Pikachu mask on your next Marmot.
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