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    what realm do u play on
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    Its incredible the number of requests for comments you receive! Thanks for your great work analyzing the beta.
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    Hello Lore!
    I got a idea i would like you to spread to blizz/players thro your marmots
    The idea is:
    You basiclly have 4 different "bag bars" with say 4 bags on each, making 80 spots for loot, now say you kill a mob and it drops 1 grey cloth item, 1 green mail thing and 1 white quest item.
    What i had in mind was to allow 1 "bag bar" of 80 spots to only be able to contain grey items, and then 1 for green, 1 for epic, 1 for white/quest etc.
    that way you would eliminate the annoying thing of sorting your bags from vendor shit,
    and ppl would also finnaly be able to store all their old epic sets and stuff without taking up space to farm/quest, hence no need for that whine about bigger bags and bank etc.
    now i know the number might be wierd but the idea is still the same, say you can purchase for some ammount of gold like 90 slots in each or smt instead.
    you think this idea would work? and would you like to see that in beta to test or maybe you like it so much that you want it on live? =D.
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    Greetings Lore. I was wondering about your thoughts on Gnomes and Goblins. Do you think it is possible to see which race/class combination might be better for PvE or PvP? On another note, wouldn't Goblin punting be a bad idea being that they have rockets built in?
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    Hello fellow Lore.
    I've a thought about what you think about the Tanks overall.
    Whats your thoughts about how they will perform in raids and in heroics.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Hey there lore just saw your latest video on ZAMofficial. I wanted to ask you about DK tanks, do you think it would be good to go blood in cata for PvP or better to go into unholy.

    Right now i'm a blood unholy DK 44 points in blood 26 in unholy and a single point in frost for some dumb reason.

    IDK if going blood will be a good idea in cata cuz the DPS will be sevearly lowered right now i can't even get to 2k DPS without putting on 2 peices of PvE gear, but DPS doesn't matter much in PvP.
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    Hi Lore! i have some information for you about facebook, you might want to make your own facbook link to you facebook page so i looked into how to make one.... To make a direct facebook link you have to go to "My Account" (or whatever it is on english) > Username > Fill in the text box with the link name you want and voila, now you have a facebook link
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    Hey Lore, just a quick question about Star Craft 2, saw that you was using a N52te in one of your videos, im using one my self and I was wondering if you managed to make a key map for Star Craft 2 because I suck at using the key board for keybinds, takes me about 3 seconds to find the key, and thats a bit slow if you got to micro manage your units.
    Anyway love your videos and keep up the good work.
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    Hey lore , your the only one i can ask this bout SC2 , if you know please respond . My question : Why in multiplayer of SC2 , terran dont have medics like in SC1 ? I know its not much , but now terran are getting killed alot easyer in first rushes.
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    Hello Lore, Love your videos very helpful for my guild and I. My guild can't seem to get people to show up we have try much but nothing seems to work. Are there ways to get people to show up on time other then yelling at them? We have try different times we have had people vote but everything seems to fail. Many of us have left because they will not show up. Trying to find guildless good smart people at the end of Wotlk is not easy.
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