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    So, I understand the fertile ground for Esport when it comes to rated battlegrounds. But how do you think teams would convince sponsors when it comes to things like transporting a 10 player team? Don't you think this is a big problem?
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    Dear Lore, where do you see casual gamers and pugs in cataclysm, thank you.
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    Hey, Lore, do you think that the starting areas for Blood Elves and Draenei will also be affected by the changes in Cataclysm and will they have the phase content like how the Worgen and Goblins do?
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    plz lore or fony give us, from europe something usefull, (btw its 07.10 am her) plx give me something befour im going to lay in my bed, and go to driiiiim land=)
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    lol,you crack me up on your videos,love the humor and I learn alot keep it up
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    Happy Birthday!!
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    Wanted to stop by and give you a hug,thank you your videos are awesome,I learned alot from you guys..Hope you have a great week
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    Hey lore. Since ulduar was released I have been using Tankspots raid guide videos in helping my former guild in progression and it has been great. I am looking to get my own guild which is fairly new into level 85 content ASAP. I just want to know if your guild or any of the other tankspot users are going to get into progression as soon as you can and start producing guide videos early?
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    Great Marmot, Ive been watching you cast grow from day 1 and it never has failed to have information in it that has helped me grow as a player ad a productive member in my guilds.I would also like to say I have used Tankspot for all of my info on either my main or my alts be it tanking dps or raiding strats.I'd like to say thank you to everyone that puts this site up.You guys do an outstanding job.An I'd have to say i wouldnt be half the player I am if it wasnt for your guys informative guides and information.Yes a little bit of butt kissing before the question.I dont know if you have many toons but I have 7 80s.With the upcoming patch and all the class revamps happening what would be the best way to go about relearning each class effectively to where I'm not spending weeks on end respecing and relearning all my toons.I am very much looking forward to your advice or anyone elses on this subject
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    Hey Lore, really liked the yearly marmot, kinda interensting, of course ive been bored, anyways i wanted to ask do you think it would be wise for me to help all my guildies get their 310% speed proto drake mounts out of Ulduar before cata? i figured it would be a good idea imo, but also if there is any tips you could give me on guild leadership please let me know, i was a officer in my first guild that taught me how to raid and everything, and became a guild leader of my current guild right now <Seven Nation Army> we are currently 12/12 icc 10 and 6/12 heroic icc 10, and i wasnted any tips or pointers i could get to keep my guildies interested in wow until cata, cause some are getting bored/fustrated with icc, and could use some pointers on recruiting also, we are kinda short handed some nights and i hate pugging ppl and trying to teach them the fights, i dont mind explaining its just some people just dont listen at all, Thank you Lore. -Nekkxx Bleeding Hollow-US
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