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    I was hoping you could help me with this. I have been playing WoW for three years and I found most of raiding that goes on is around my bed time. (I'm a 46 yr old) The realm that I'm on is Cenarius and its a pacific time realm. I noticed that there are realm that are on eastern time zones. I was thinking of switching. I havn't found a good guild on this realm and I was hoping to make through to LK before Cat releases. Any sugestions for me?
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    hiho, yes great job from you all....thx
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    Great job man Keepit up
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    Hello Lore, & Tank Spot Team. Awesome Job. Anyway after watching This Weeks PST a 2nd time I heard that the questions should be sent via your private message. Oooopsies. Anyway here are the questions that I finally sent to the proper placee as directed. (Yah I am probably the one that would stand in the fire after you said "Don't Stand in the Fire."

    1.) If a Guild member does not have the expansion and others do have the expansion, will the Guild as a whole benefit from those that progress where Guild Rep. would benefit the whole guild or would only those that have cataclysm benifit from guild progression?
    2.) When a Person leaves or Joins the Guild does the Reputation travel with them? (Ie; Say I have earned 25 Points of Rep. with Guild "A" and then move to Guild "B" do I start my Rep with that guild back to 0 or sacrifice the 25 points as a penalty for guild hoping?
    I look forward to seeing the next Q&A Video if this makes the cut.
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    Hello Lore, Long time watcher, first time poster

    I have played a Death Knight for a LONG time now, and I used to be able to preform everything they could do up until Patch 4.0.1. Now, with the new rune system in place, i find it very hard for me to hold threat as a tank. I find that the runes don't cool down fast enough and im left holding a gun to my head as the raid yells at me and tells me to just DPS which to me isn't a big deal, i mean, yeah i spent all those months crafting Shadowmourne, might as well use it, right?

    However I feel like im failing my raid group. I heard from some people that the Death Knight class is the worst tank class for 4.0.1 because they forgot to implement the change to Rune Strike (making it a free use ability, not dependent on Dodge or Parry) and Improved Blood Presence (5/10% faster Rune Cool downs) and alot of other changes.

    If you could answer me, i'd appreciate it, yours truely - Alisonprime, Bane of the Fallen King
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    Hey Lore...Long time watcher, first time asker..
    I would like to know what is going on with the shaman skill Spirit Link.
    They said they would try to put it back in the game for cataclysm but never talked about it after.

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    Hey Lore! I have a quick question as well as a comment that hopefully you can cover in one of your next shows.

    What are your feelings on the paladin changes for both live and beta? I see constant changes going on with the beta in regards to talents and abilities and right now on live, having been raiding the content myself, I feel like Holy seems to excel on live while on beta it's been toned down a fair bit from being the insanely overpowered healing spec that was topping meters thanks to Holy Radiance, however it still looks to be a great spec moving forward. Meanwhile I see a lot of complaints from many Retribution paladins about it being hard to compete on the meters on live, meanwhile it's so much more competitive on the beta. However this makes me nervous as well, Retribution was a really good spec at the launch of Wrath that has been beaten down with nerfs and changes. Prot seems to be OK if you can play it, no more facerolling for us.

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    Question: Hey Lore, was wondering if you could go into loot systems reguarding the new raid lockout system, how do you think they will be effected and how do you think it will effect guilds?

    More info: For example currently rolling works fine in my guild 10 man but we use me0 for 25, we want to use somthing that rewards active raiders in cata like a dkp/EPGP system but we arnt sure its going to suit us because we want to do mostly 10 man.
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    Hey Lore, Regarding your last weekly marmot, how do you think Blizzard and other organizations such as MLG will host live Rated BGs at events such as Blizzcon? Do you think that there will be acouple players representing each team, etc.? Thanks Playa
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    Hello Lore,
    GJ on your Youtube weekly Marmot and Q&A. I have a question I hope you will take into your next video: Recently I've read on the blizzard forums (can't find the threads anymore :S) that a lot of people describe feral druid in pvp as the hardest spec to master in World of Warcraft. Why is that? Their burst damage exceeds that of rogues' and they can shapeshift out of every snare. They have stuns and as of patch 4.0.1, healers arent their hardest opponents. So what's the deal?
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