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    Hello I am semi new to wow i played daoc for years. I just wanted to make a comment on your really blizz spot I play a dk and i think if your wondering why it would even be ok to throw a dk a bone as far as being imune too CC let me explain, I mostly pvp a dk has no real cc other then strangulate and chains of ice of what most people i cast it on run right through. i get chain feared with one trinket and IBF in a single fight i have been cc85% of it with no real retaliation other then to look stupid for 2 mins. fear turn in to a sheep silenced blinded stun ect. and a dk gets strg and chains of ice and again it really dont do any thing other then slow them if that. Just wanted to throw that out there great show keep up good work, oh btw not a qq just observation.
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    Hey Lore. I can't see why the most Ret Paladins cant get high dps. Even before the last patch i was hitting 18k dps, now with the patch, i'm hitting 27k on HC bosses, with a full guild group. On my server allot of rets have struggle hitting 14k. Do you know why so many rets have so much trouble?
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    Great show
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    Hey buddy i posted a thread about 4.0.6, would you mind to look at it? 300+ ppl viewed it and no one commented, so i would like to know if my thread is noob or good
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    i have a question my guild is starting to get ready for raiding i.e ilvl and enchanting of gear. my question is the officers and i have been asked from another guild to join up with them for raiding. do you think this is a good idea or should we try to get just our guild member to go?
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    Lore,I love the show and watch all the time.Thank you for being so honest and open about everything and keep up the excellent work.
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    Lore, I enjoy your videos as an officer. I wanted to make a suggestion to do a Marmot video on recruiting, specifically applications - content on the app and methods of handling it
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    Love your work, keep it up.
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    Lore, I been trying to make a few wow-videos and was just curious about a few things because i'm having a lot of trouble. Do you use fraps to make your clips and than after fraps what video editing software do you use?

    Whenever I use fraps it takes up a huge amount of hard-drive space before I convert it and it breaks it up into multiple 1 minute videos.

    What resolution do you use? and how do you get it to have multiple resolutions when you post to something for example such as youtube.

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    Hey Lore I have gotten into a lot of arguments lately over whether it is better to farm heroics to get gear for raiding, or to PvP and get all your gear upgrades with Conquest and Honor Points. I know that PvP gear is not ideal for raiding but it is much easier to get and the gear is almost if not just as good as the gear that you would get in heroics. I usually have to PuG all my heroics because most of the time the tanks and healers in my guild just like to do their daily, get the Valor points, and then that's it. My guild will let me raid whether I have PvP gear or PvE gear I just need better gear with better stats. What do you think? Thanks.
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