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    I'm an older player (just turned 21 for the third time) and have been GM of a lvling guild for almost 2 yrs. Question is- I've tried to start raiding with this guild about 3 times. Every time we get enuff ppl for a good core team ppl move on. Get mad at someone, not enuff raiding, normal guild drama. What's the secret to getting a raid team together?

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    Hello Lore, why are you a banana?
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    He dont answers qestions from here.....
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    In PST - Episode 23 at 19:40'ish, you say you're going to read a question from "Obsequeus" (?) but in the actual letter you're using the name "Ghladum" yet again. You know, the name with the H.
    I'm convinced that someone, somehow, has already informed you about this or perhaps you noticed it yourself, but I can't really be bothered to look through YouTube comments so instead I'm just going to be a bothersome prick and post it as a question at TankSpot, because I have an upcoming question. So... Yeah.
    I'm not sure if this is "show material" or not, I just thought I'd point it out even though you're probably already aware of this. Myeah, I am 'that guy'.

    My question to you is; What kind of topping do you prefer on your pancakes? Raspberry jam, maple syrup, sugar and stuff like that. I.e. if you like pancakes. Which you should.
    (You may refer to me as "Pancakes". Because my WoW characters have names that revolve around, well... Pancakes 'nd stuff).
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    What's the stupidest question you've ever been asked?
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    PvE Guild Advice
    Hi, I was seeking your advice on what I should do about my current situation involving my guild. I'm in a good PvE guild for my realm 11/12 but am myself not particularly high ranking. I normally have only been able to turn up to raid nights on the weekend where they do much of their progression after finishing farming, however I'm often on standby(with only 7/12) , with higher ranking raiders being favoured above me despite it often being the case that I am a stronger raider(in terms of dps and tactics). I can understand why my guild does this to gear up their more committed raiders, in a few months I will be able to attend every night buy I was wondering if I should leave and join a guild where i actually raid more often or stick with my current guild occasionally raiding and wait till I can fully commit. Also I'd like to mention I do enjoy the raid atmosphere in my guild and think the leader is very capable and I'm sure the guild has a strong future.
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    oh btw can you not mention my name if you use my question thanks.
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    Hi i am in a 25 man casual raiding guild the raids 2 nights a week. We also have guild 10 man groups and in my group the raid leader's dps is holding us back. What is the best way to deal with this and show the officers that she cant pull her weight.
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    Hey Lore I was wondering how a mage thats getting t11 gear keep up there hit cap with out sacrificing intellect and other stats a mage relies on.
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    hey lore evertime i log on to wow que up a random i get bad players why is that i might get good grp here and there but just make me mad i log off i think quit cuz game not use be when i started playing wow should i quit or just wait till firelands come out ?
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