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    Send Lore private message to PST. The link is over there. This is not private message section.
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    Eternal Ember woes...

    Ok. So recently Blizzard denied my request to have two embers which were looted to the wrong individuals during our raid on Tuesday. Before you begin with the 'oohh.. you made the mistake, your fault'... hear me out.

    ML threshold set to epic. RL tried to ML the ember to me;didn't work. Stated I was ineligible, even though I was on the quest. Second drops. We set it to FFA so that I could run up and loot the ember first.... nope... still stated I was ineligible, so a guildy gets it with the hopes being I could receive the ember through a ticket.

    Blizzard's response, thusfar, has been that these cannot be resolved. Come to find out, a lot of other folks are experiencing this issue.

    Anyway, more of a bitch than a question, but I guess I do have a question... is this 'right' of them? If you tell me Lore that this is 'right', I'll drop it with blizz, otherwise, I keep spamming them with support tickets.
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    How do you know when to switch guilds?
    I find my Guild carrying weaker plays in 10, now 25 man raids. I can't find it in myself to kick nice people for better players or leaving to a faster progressing guild and letting down 24 people When all i want is to be with higher caliber players. When is it appropiate to step from a Semi-hardcore to HARDCORE guild.
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    I've got a quick question about your guild's applicant policies. Do you require an applicant to own/use a mic for vent type interviews?
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    I have recently found it necessary to make a macro stating my "Run rules" for random zandalari dungeons. I am a 356 Item level tank, I use wowreforge.com for my stat weights and reforging and I know what I am supposed to do in every encounter. But I am incapable of making someone else know their role. People seem unwilling to learn a fight, and still wish to treat dungeons like an ignorable loot dispenser as they did in WotLK, when in fact you do need to be a little competent at your role to be successful. My question is do you believe that this presents a problem?

    P.S. if you choose to answer this question, please give as long winded of an answer as you can. I love watching you ramble on when the question isn't "Lore, how do I run my guild?" Thanks c:
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    Grats on Sinestra!
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    With the new abilities being "Nerfed" especially for mana regent. Like reduction to intervate from a druid, reduction to shammans healing rain. Will they have items to make up the difference for Raiding? Or will each person have more mana problems during raiding?
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    There have been a lot of discussions about Legendary s my question is why can't can't Bliz have a quest-able Legendary similar to the "Battered Hilt" quest in Wraith where the end turn in can benefit any class regardless. It seems to me the way they do Legendary s now is rather lame, E.I. by the time you got everything together for Val'anyr, ICC comes out and you can get Trauma (grated Val is still better, but Trauma comes close) You get Shadowmourne but within a few weeks of the new expansion it obsolete and only valued as a prestige item. I thinking Blizzard should do a Legendary weapon quest similar to the Battered hilt quest which benefits everyone and release it about midway through the expansion so that it has some hang time through the game, instead of at the beginning where it's obsolete by the end of the expansion or released at the end where it only get a few months enjoyment and is then shelved. What are your thoughts on this?
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    My guild is full of really cool people, but we cant seem to get raids together. We raid twice a week and have downed Magmaw once. The main reason behind all this is because of the lack of healers in the guild. I am the only healer that is ready and willing to raid in the guild. Is their anyway I can recruit more (Preferably good) healers for the guild and catch up to firelands, or should i go to a guild that can down a normal mode boss.

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    Legendary Lore,
    I have a 6 85s and I have been finding out that keeping up with all of them is nearly impossible. I have tried and failed. Some weeks go better than others....So I would like to know what ur input is since you run a guild that is successful. Do you think its best to only focus on 1 toon and how do you feel about your guild members with mutiple toons? Is it just pointless to try and have more than 1 toon.
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