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    I am a low ppl realm there AH is verry low on stuff .. can it be that blizz mybe can do bigger AH so like we say 6 realms are in the same AH .. What do you think
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    hey. I have done 9 weeks farming Raid Finder / dungens / Dragon Soul to get 2 wepons for my frost spec . but do not get the loot from eny off them. but when i go in on my (hunter) the wepons drops all the time .. WHY is it bad luck or blizz haveing fun with me .. can you tell me ,, staring to get bord to play my charrs
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    Been a big fan of your videos for quite some time. I just wanted to share a random photo with you that I took that I think you would appreciate.


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    Hey Lore, love all your work on TankSpot, your shows give a face and personality to what was once just a good source of guidance and knowledge. What I am wondering after watching your episode on exploitation, is what are your feelings about the over abundance of bots being used by players as well as guilds to farm herbs and ores? I do all my farming myself but on any given morning at about 3AM or sometimes at any time you could have ten players showing to be in Uldum and you might be the only one who is not a bot. Its bad enough that I've personally seen three times in one farming session three bots trying to get the same ore. Just was wondering how you feel about this abuse and maybe you might know why Blizzard cannot stop these people. It affects the whole economy of the game and does far more to give those players an advantage as their buying power is almost unlimited. Thanks for your time, sorry for the long question. Roclor
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    Hey, Lore I liked your Marmot on the top guilds getting caught exploiting, but how about a piece on all the bots running in Uldum at 5:00 AM. Here on the Staghelm server when I go out thereto mine, there might be 6 to 10 toons and Im usually the only one not being run by a bot program. Why do you think Blizz neglects this problem?
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    just read a post from someone saying they were "quiting wow for the 3rd time" to go to SWTOR because bioware treats them better and now I can't get Hinder's "Lips of an Angel." out of my head.

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    hey when do you get the tac for warmaster in dragonsoul up ... cant find eny good tac ,, for it ,, ?
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    why is there nothing I can subscribe to when I click on Premium?
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    And regarding to swtor. bosses in the flashpoints at least do have drops, but have tokens, pretty much like badges to buy items you could use in case the boss doesn't have/ drop your item. In regards to end level, based on what i saw on vendors, it is actually possible to not get a single drop from a boss because the vendors have items for every single slot.
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