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  1. Hiya! I use the same build for Pvp and PvE atm. Though I've tried a few finer variations (I think I may go back to having some imp reflect for example). I'm currectly considering going 17/3/51 for Imp Overpower though as I've found it to be 'massive' in arena settings, especially against other high avoidance classes.

    The question between block or thunderclap is always a good one. I guess it comes down to taste and who you raid with. I generally have deathnights effectively thunderclapping constantly (thunderclap debuff never goes into effect when I use it). It might if I improved it, but for the most part incoming damage during raid isn't really much of an issue. That said in pvp and the odd time in tanking rage starvation crops up.

    All that said imp thuderclap with focused rage and glyph of resonating power could be an efficient damage source when coupled with deep wounds. I'd say its a perfectly viable choice over the block talent just not my personal preference.

    As for glyph in general. I tend to use the charge glyphs, blocking glyph and either the last stand glyph or when I go overpower spec the overpower glyph. Bloodrage minor and TC minor to fill out the rest. I've never been really partial to the devastate or sunder glyphs but I might see a role for the devastate glyph on a 5v5 team for the focus target if you were running heavy melee.
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    Im a fellow warrior trying out pyprot and I had a few questions to ask.

    First off, I was wondering if you tank with the build 15/5/51? It seems like it has all the tanking necessities so I thought I would ask

    Second question is what do you think about taking 3 points out of shield specialization and putting them into Improved Thunder Clap? I ask because this is a key talent in pve tanking plus from a pvp perspective it would increase TC damage by 30% and slow for an additional 12% meaning even less damage on their part. It would make you slightly more offensive at the cost of 3% block and 60% chance to get 2 rage.

    Im not meaning to belittle your build, it is actually what I am following right now. I was just curious what you though about the Imp TC and maybe you could show me what you thought about it.

    I was also curious on the glyphs you used. Ive been reading around and I think Rapid Charge, Devastate and Blocking for majors and Bloodrage, Charge and TC for minors
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