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Started playing WoW shortly after the release of TBC. Started as a hunter raiding end game content at a midway speed up through Kara, Bt.. In WOTLK, i continued playing my hunter but started a priest. Shadow/Disc, fell heavily into pvp than, took a break midway through WOTLK and started back up at a casual level in Cata focusing mostly on PVP and leveling up a druid. Now very much into pvp left room for trying out more classes in an attempt in looking for strengths and weaknesses. In Cata I leveled 4 more classes to 85. I took a 4 months break before MOP, but when the expansion hit, so did I. I grinded my hunter, priest and druid to 90 and attempted progressive raiding within 2 months As a Holy Priest and Raid Leader. Do to raiding with mostly casual players who were unable to negotiate mechanics, we managed to down stone gaurd once in a month and a half, leaving something like 38 wipes on the first boss of HOF. I decided to leave the friendly casual guild in search of like-minded, goal sharing players. I ran into a group of people new to the server, did some raiding and joined up as a primary healer for 10 man norm. We ran through all of MSV and terrace, and made it to half way through HOF. My druid is still in the old guild but i am planning on moving him to a progressive raiding guild. all together i have 6 90's 2 geared and a bunch of lower levels. My job allows me to spend a considerable amount of time playing wow. My future goal is to look for a group of like minded good players interested in doing cutting edge raiding so that i can do more content with my other toons :D

Primary: Healing (Priest/Druid)
Secondary: Ranged Dps/ Tank
Eastern US
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