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  1. Um, small thing: dual wielding will not get you any additional parry%.

    Swordshattering is 2h only and worth 4% to parry
    Swordbreaking is 1h only and worth 2% parry each

    It's the same either way.
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    hey... its nice to finally find another BLOOD DK tank... I've always been comfortable with blood spec so both my dps and tank spec are blood lol... "Growing up" as this character trying to be able to do either dps and tank (same spec before 3.1, and obviously separate tank and dps spec with dual spec) ive gotten lots of shit from ppl, but now im a successful blood tank. only problem i have >sometimes< is threat level, and most of the time its because dps jumps in too soon, but there is still that small chance of threat loss that i get that i've been wanting to fix.

    if u can catch me in my tank gear/spec here's the link to my armory:

    i just recently went back to 2h tanking (i used to dw tank because i wanted the extra 4% parry from rune forge, and since no 2h weapons have DEF, to my knowledge, i went dw until i obtained more tank gear with higher DEF rating. and now ive accomplished that and now going back to 2h weapon)

    im successfully tanking 10ulduar (as this is as far as we're are at in my guild currently, but not for much longer; we're going to begin 25ulduar soon)

    pre3.1, i was using a single spec for both dps and tank lol... would do 2.5k+ dps, and tank 10/25naxx successfully XD...

    anyway, just wanted to say hi, really. its nice to see that im not the only blood dk tank in the world XD.

    ps: since i just recently went back to using 2h for tanking, im using the same weapon for dps and tank, and switch runeforge as needed.
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    Any chance ya can look over my post in the "Deathknight Death Knight AOE Spec, MT Spec and Rotations" thread.
  4. My pleasure
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    Thanks for the input earlier Satorri I appreciate the quick response.
  6. My DK is Osyras on Terenas if you'd like to armory me, I'm usually in my tanking gear and spec, as it develops.

    Currently I'm unholy and I've been trying out Unholy Aura for a sense on how it benefits my raid group.
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    Hello satorri.

    I wane say to u that i have read some of your post and u seem to have good knowledge about the DK class. So i was wondering if you could link me your current spec.

    thnx ;-)
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    Its great to have a intelligent DK to help fight the power of miss information and stubbornness. Happy hunting and I am so very sorry your ally :-P
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