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    Hey Satorri, I was just wondering if you can take a quick peek at my armory and give me some advice on my gear and talents. I really want to do dw tanking, but it seems hard to find gear that will give me enough hit and exp. should I sac some hit to get exp? any constructive critisms is welcome! =)

    My DK is SavageKai on Greymane
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    kittens are AWESOME
  3. A struggle I've been sharing. I've actually been using a couple pieces of gear that aren't as good as others for level, etc, but they have much needed hit which outweighs their survival bump at the moment. I've been using +20 hit to gloves since I hit 80, ha ha, but I have a shopping list too. Once I pick up the boots from Ignis and the cloak from Auriaya I can finally use my t8.5 gloves AND probably put Armsman on them!

    As for your set up, it's a tough call, but let me see. As I look at your gear, I think you may be alright as is. It would suck to bump Armsman for a +20 hit chant, but if you're just concerned about removing misses that would be a step in the right direction. Other than that, I think you'd probably lose a lot from your gems if you swapped them for hit rating. Again, that's one of your two only recourses (other than what I suggested with pulling out a couple of t7.5 pieces that had hit on them, assuming you didn't just sell them immediately).

    Good luck with that.
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    yo satorri, if u have a chance, can you armory search zaresh on shadowmoon[US,Horde] and check out my gear. I am in a bind where i am extremely low on hit. I am planing on picking up the shoulders from deconstructer on 25man when they drop, other then that i've been contemplating using 8hit/12stam gems, or maybe even using 20hit on gloves temporarily. Let me know what you think i should do to fix my hit. Ideally i am really only shooting for like a little over 200-220hit unbuffed so i can be capped with food. Let me know what u think.

    edit: btw i'm also waiting to pickup the leviathans coil from FL once that drops as well.... so that would be another 27hit i would lose once i made that change.
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    thanks for the advice mate, much appreciated
  6. I don't use rotations, I use priorities and adapt on the fly. Rotations are for dps who don't have any extra hoops to jump through like positioning and survival CDs/abilities.

    My usual mode of operation, though:
    IT/PS to setup diseases
    DS first to get the runes turning over and offset the initial damage I take
    HS HS to start setting up threat
    At this point depending on rune CDs I'll usually just let the next FU pair come up for a DS while making sure RS is firing, but if it's urgent I'll Blood Tap and HS again. Usually with the positioning I don't have a full GCD's worth of time before they're ready.
    Once I get cruising I'll Pestilence when diseases have 5-6 sec remaining (though depending on what's happening that may wait until they have only 2-3, that's why I aim to do it earlier). And I always DS FU pairs into death runes, or DS if my health is low enough to get the full heal (frequent in Ulduar). Otherwise I spam HS like my life depends on it.

    Small Group (3-5)
    IT/PS on the way in while positioning, Pest to set diseases on all the targets.
    DS to get runes changing
    HS the main target
    DS will be ready shortly and will hit the main target as well
    BB once or twice to hit everyone, provided no one has died yet
    HS spam with occasional target swapping to whoever has gotten hit least

    Large Pulls (6+)
    DnD preset a step or so before the pack, will lose a tick or two but buys the runes back sooner and gives me time to come in with
    IT/PS and Pest for diseases
    Usually this will be a more sizeable blackout so I'll hit Blood Tap and BB
    DS DS to roll over diseases (here I like to throw in Saronite Bombs to pad my threat)
    Once it's all death runes I'll pop ERW and spam 6 back to back BB's with raid buffs those do very nice damage (1k reg, 2.4kish crit and they crit about 15% in my gear with a Boomkin/Elemental Shaman) and that will lock in general threat (only focused dps or tanks pull off me then).
    Then I can focus on swapping to targets that I've hit the least and HS to keep up threat. Sometimes I'll use one or two of the last 6 runes on HS rather than BB, it depends on how it feels.

    A lot of this gets adapted organically as I'm doing things. Positioning, overhead health bars (especially with aggro halos), and actually watching where mobs move are very important. If you're staring at your bars for CDs you will not be as sharp a tank. If you find yourself trying to eye when abilities are ready and you can't easily watch both, I'd highly recommend picking up Power Auras. It will let you make clear on-screen glow effects which will help you track that without taking your eyes away from the actual situation or cluttering your screen.
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    Hey just wondering what are your single target and multi target rotations? thinking of switchin to blood and need advice thx
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    Sorry about that I was not thinking. lol
  9. Under my characters (little pull down under my name anywhere I post), Osyras is my DK, and he's currently sporting my Blood tank spec and my developing Unholy tank spec.
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    Thanks for the info. Is there a chance you can send me a link to your build? I realy like the blood spec over the frost and like new ideas. Thanks
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