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  1. Well, I wouldn't make it universal, sometimes stamina may be your best interest.

    I just don't like wasting the socket bonus values because they aren't the biggest gain in a single value. Usually you won't get more pure health (as is many's measurement) out of making socket bonuses, but I would gladly trade 3 Stam for 10 Agility (i.e. red socket with a +12 stam bonus).

    If you don't value the gains from Agility enough then the desire to place pure health in the socket is a reasonable one.
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    yeah i inspected you, thank you for making me remember that stam isnt what i should be gemming for. split gems ftw!
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    OK sweet. Thats what I was thinking. I played a warrior tank first so I like the mitigation play style of frost. Another reason I like it is that it is not the favored spec, and HB is dead sexy.
  4. I have always loved Blood's feel the most. I was thrilled in 3.1 when they made it so much more comfortable to tank with. The self-healing as an active form of survival tools is a huge draw for me. I love that unlike any other spec I can really be contributing to my survival. Every other class/spec at best can usually just be a firefighter trying to mitigate fallout when it's toughest.

    I don't see any movement on Blizzard's end to make Blood *the* tank spec. In truth the major reason anyone thinks it is the hottest thing since sliced bread is that it actually rewards what 90% of tanks think you're supposed to do anyway: stack health in every way you can.

    The "dominant spec" status has always been a popularity contest. Just because everyone else does it doesn't mean it is the smartest thing for you. And generally there is a staggering number of people just following the herd.
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    so looks like blood is becoming more and more the dominant dk spec. It annoys me every time i join a group and get ripped on for being frost. Do you think blizz is moving to make blood the tank spec and frost dps? I would hope not but....
    also in your personal view. why do you run as blood instead of frost or unholy? is it all play style or min maxing etc?
  6. I don't have this much hit particularly by choice. I have a couple stray hit gems that will get replaced, and a couple pieces with hit that are going to be dropped with upgrades.

    Two of the biggest culprits have been my new rings. I opted to trade from my super armor no hit/exp rings to tasty ICC rings that both happen to have hit.
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    Hey Satorri,
    This question is kind of a curiousity. I was just wondering why have you have so much hit on Osyras? Are you able to get to the spell hit cap when you add in the Draenai racial, hit food, elixir, etc?

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    Hey how ya doing? It has been suggested to me that i speak to you about my tanking issues as you have written alot on the subject... Im losing aggro and having trouble holding it.. Ive spec'd macro'd and glyphed myself in the ways youve discribed but im still having issues... Would you have a spare minute to help please?
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    so lets try and aim for next saturday.
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    well things are slower now since the holidays are over.. is a friday or saturday night still good for? Not this week... maybe next?
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