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    Hiya, I'm a forum Newbie, I'm just wondering if there is a reason I cannot see "Encounter Locations & Recommended Raid Progression" I click the link and get a Blank page. Is it a restricted area?
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    Hey, I was curious if you could post a video of how to do the Azjol Nerub and Gun'drak achievements. I can't find an effective way with the groups I've gone to get the achievement for Gal'darah, or any of the boss achievements for Azjol. I'm assuming the one for the first boss of Azjol is just a gear issue, and the last boss is from not having enough dps to burst the boss and adds down quick enough.
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    i will try to fraps the next kill malygos and post it
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    hey there i got a written guide for malygos here and i thought i'd post it but i didn't find a thread for it so i'll just put it as a pm to you =)

    Phase 1

    Malygos will do 3 main abilites. He should be tanked in the middle of his platform. Only one tank is required for this whole fight.

    -Arcane Bolt. He will randomly target members in the raid and cast a bolt of arcane damage on them which causes about ~8k damage. This should be raid healed.

    -Power Spark. During the whole phase 1 Power Sparks will spawn from a rift around him. You must kill these orbs before they reach Malygos. When these Power Sparks are killed they leave a field of energy on the ground that gives 50% more damage bonus. So the Power Sparks need to be killed ontop of the DPS group. If you manage to kill 2 orbs on top of each other, the buff stacks giving 100% damage bonus! If the orbs reach Malygos, he absorbs them this increases Malygos' damage alot! This cannot happen! If it does(which it shouldn't, Either healers will have to spam the tank or shield wall it untill Malygos' damage increase has worn out. Best way to handle the Sparks is to kill them just behind the melee, so casters and melee benefit from this buff. Deathknights come in useful to position the second power spark with the death grip ability to gain the 100% damage bonus.

    -VortexDuring phase 1 every so often Malygos will fly up into the air and cast a Vortex. This will throw everyone in the air for a short period of time, this deals 2000 damage every ~2seconds. Spells will be Interrupted while in this Vortex so healers will have to rely on instant spells such as Circle of healing, Prayer of mending, Riptide, Lifebloom etc. Pre-heal over time alot of people before Vortex happens.

    Phase 2

    At 50% Malygos will take off into the air, and adds will come down on small flying discs. During this, Anti-Magic zones will spawn on the playform these reduce damage taking from random Arcane Barrages, It is important that the whole raid stand on each other in the middle of the Anti-Magic zones. The zones will gradually get smaller and smaller, so you will have to move to the next ones that freshly spawn. The anti-magic fields also protect you from Malygos' "Deep Breath".

    -Caster adds.There will be caster adds which do not come down and shoot arcane barrages into the raid. These will not do much damage when in the zones.

    -Melee adds.There will also be melee adds which come into the zones and need to be DPS'd down fast. When these adds die, the discs will be obtainable, like a mount. You will be able to fly around Malygos' room helping kill the adds which fly.

    -Anti-magic zone.The aim of this phase is to kill the adds that fly down inside the anti-magic zones. When they drop they're discs, the melee starting first should mount them and go and attack and kill the caster adds floating in the air.

    During this phase malygos will also do a Arcane Breath spell into the middle of the platform, do not get caught ouside the anti-magic zones when he casts this, You'll die. Stay in the zone and heal through it.

    Once the adds are down, Phase 3 begins and the platform breaks.

    In phase 3

    Malygos will destroy the platform you were fighting upon and Alextrazas Dragons catch you, you then use dragons to kill him the 2nd 50%.
    The dragons you use have 6 abilities.

    1. Flame Spike: Damaging fire attack causing 943-1057 fire damage and awarding 1 combo point at the cost of 10 energy.

    2. Engulf in Flames: Finishing move which launches a blast of flame igniting target for 1500 fire damage every 3 seconds. The effect can stack and will last longer per combo point up to 22 seconds. Costs 50 energy.

    3. Revivify: A HoT that lasts for 10 seconds healing 500 per second and awarding 1 combo point at the cost of 10 energy.

    4. Life Burst: Huge healing finishing move which increases the casters healing done by 50% and lasts longer per combo point. Max combo points award a 15k heal over 25 seconds. Costs 50 energy.

    5. Flame Shield: Finishing move to protect your drake. Shield surrounds you reducing all damage taken by 80% and lasting up to 6 seconds for max combo points. Costs 25 energy with a 30 second cooldown. This is very important. as during this whole phase Malygos when focus on one raid member and cast a spell which will instantly kill you if you don't have the shield active at that moment.
    Use this when it says Malygos focuses on you!

    6. Sprint: Increases your drake's flight speed by 500%. Use this to get away from a lightning field he does during this phase, also you can use this to get away from him when he does his focus on you.

    Though the strategy for this phase is still unclear, it is believed that each player should target themselves and stack up 5 revivifys granting 5 total combo points on themselves, and then they should use Life Burst. Before Revivify fades, the player should recast it on themselves, same deal with life burst, but switching targets clears the combo points, so you will need to cast 5 more heals on yourself then life burst before it fades.

    In between keeping your Hots up you should be Flame Spike spamming Malygos, after 5 combo points apply Engulf in Flames, then spam it more times.

    Whenever he sets his "focus" to you, it's important that you have 5 combo points on him, and use your shield. It is believed you can also use the sprint and get out of range before he begins channeling.

    Note: Remember to save 25 energy at all times to use your shield. If you are at 0 energy and targeted, you may be killed before you regenerate enough to use your shield. This is important as threat seems strange for this portion of the encounter and you may be targeted at any time.

    The problem here is some people, or most are confused on how to use theyre dragons benefically. So the best place to practice this is just outside the instance. In Coldarra where the nexus instance resides. There is a NPC on one of the semi circles around the nexus, who gives you a Wrymrest daily quest. The dragons you use to do this daily quest are the exact same dragons you use in phase 3 of malygos, So please when you have some free time, go do this daily quest, you should practice on your own. Try taking one of the elites on your own, this is good practice.

    This is the quest you want to pick up. It will also show you here where you can find her.
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    Hey Cider, I'm a long time visitor of TankSpot in fact it's probably my favorite site. I was watching your latest Naxx videos & I have a question about your UI. I really like how you have your damage, spells, hit's, misses, parry etc. cascading along the side rather than the usual growing upward or downward right in the middle of what's going on. What is that is it sct & I just have to configure right or is it another utility all together?
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    Hi, I was wondering if you could share with me what you put your points in up to level 73?
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    So what level are you now? I gained 5000 xp at lunch lewl.
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    It's a bit early I know, but hey man, happy thanksgiving in case I forget to post it later. Thanks for this great site, and letting me be a part of it.

    btw... 5000 posts? i just hit 4500, you're gonna get smoked!
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    I remember back in the day. Cider and I used to make movies. I wish I still have Vengence. That was a nice short film. Cider, this is Christobird, Maddi and I are having a kid soon! I miss the good ole days on Cenarius in Eventide! We got Orders, im now flying C-17s in Dover DE. Take care old friend. /Salute.
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    I'm having a problem with the login on Tankspot. When I open the page and try to sign on it will allow me to as normal, but after the site misdirects me right after login I am still not logged in. Is there something I can do?
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