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    Hello Ciderhelm, I would first like to say that your videos intrigued me to start tanking, Once this happened i fell in love almost instantly. Myself and some friends are thinking about possibly starting a raiding guild to do Naxx and other 10-25 man content.. I myself have experience in 40 man content pre-bc. According to wow-heroes.com my gear is "good enough" to tank 25 man Naxx along with 25 man Sarth..The guild i am in now does 10 man naxx and has cleared all the wings and are working on Saph..I dont want to just leave but there seems to be very little motivation within my guild, and i really want to see more of a progression based guild with a tight raid group whome are all there for the same reason and thats to see more content and see bosses fall...Not so much of the "omg theirs epics" kinda thing...Im hoping for any suggestions you might have..


    p.s. you should def hop on vent sometime would be cool to hear from ya.
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    Hey i just gotta say first off that your videos and information are fantastic ive found them so helpful! anyway i was also wondering you wouldnt happen to know of any videos or some more good information to help with Deathknight tanking? ive been doing it for a while but i still dont know a good way to build good threat really fast and i was wondering if u may happen to know of anything that could help thanks
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    Hey I really enjoy your movies and podcasts. Keep up the good work.

    Thaide - 80 Warrior Horde Gorefiend
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    hey nice site you got here helps alot with the fights do you guys need any new memebers looking for a new guild that can actually get stuff doe in wotlk so if you can taalk to me about this i would appreciate this
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    Hey Ciderhlem,

    I was wondering in the future if you could make a comment on the fast vs slow tanking weapon debate.

    There's lot of knuckle draggers out there who can't see how WotLK threat has changed since tBC.

    Personally, I think if you spec into Deep wounds you should get a slow tanking weapon.

    I also find the Herioc strike rage dump mentallity for tBC doens't really apply anymore. Oh I still HS every change I get, but since damage is threat in WotLK I'm find I put out more damage with slow weapon and my threat has been fine. Maybe I wrong, I don't know.

    Anyway I was wondering if you had anythoughts on this issue, or if you've experimented with a slow tanking weapon yourself?
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    I listened to your podcast on self-assessment and improvement last night. It resonated a great deal with my experiences the last 10 years. You conclusion was quite touching, and I am of the same mind. Thank you.
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    Just want to know where i can get the musik you use in most of your awesome videos? really good job and thx for all the videos
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    i have a thing you could try to make out solo onyxia it have been done by a warrior tho but still cool to do
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    hey mate. just a little fast question. you chars ingame name is that Ciderhelm to and are you playing us or eu?
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