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    Hi, im quite new here at tankspot, so maybe u have posted it somewhere else. But im interested in the amount of dps u make as a prot warr. I can only make 1k -1.4k in raids and HC instances. So I'm a bit upset to see a DK tank making almost 2k or above. Is it my dps who sucks or what else to do compared to a DK tank
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    I was trying to figure out what UI addon your using and the combat text addon i really like them but i cant figure out which ones the are. Just wondering if you could help me out with that
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    you probably hear this a lot but you run a nice ship here. i agree with you that the prot war aint broken, so much depends on practice and drive. i started tanking heroics for the first time in wotlk and my friend and healer has been raiding since the original game. he went from telling me to re roll to me being the mt of the guild and saught after by several guilds in heroics and 25 mans. its been a lot of hard work but i love every minute of it. the prot tank aint perfect, but face it what class/spec is!
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    Hi, I was wondering on kel'thuzad where are the dps going to be?

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    i wanted to say ty for your http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f177/...ury-guide.html you have truly helped me become a better member of my guild. i went from shitty dps to insane dps just over night. my guild even asked me on vent if i was the same guy. ty for making my gameing experience better!!! now im in all the main guild raids and am getting geared fast. again ty
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    hello. i am currently new to tankspot. Ive seen a good number of your videos and check around the site alittle but this is the first time i have ever sent a message. I am posting to you cause i have a few questions about Tanking Stats. I currently play a level 80 Feral Druid/tank spec ive been playing my druid for about few months now but i am by all means not new to world of warcraft. I have been playing for about 5 years now and have had multiple 70s across a few different servers. I do understand you play a warrior and not a druid so hear me when i say i am not asking how to play a druid nor am i asking what kind of stats do i need. What i am confused on that i hope you can help me with is my Dodge. I guess my first question would be is there a dodge cap? Also i feel i understand how much dodge i need for my tanking what i dont get is when you look at your dodge with out mousing over it you see a 4 didgit percentage mine says 36.57% But if you take your mouse and hover over that stat it begins to tell you in my case dodge rating of 305 increases your chance to dodge by 7.75% i am just not clear if i understand what that means? My 3thd question i have is below that in grey it also tells you (Before diminishing returns) i dont understand what that means?? The finial question i have for you is ever since i was able to get my dodge to 37.00%ish+ the 3 didgit stat that i talked about only when up to 8.05% and in a 5 man or Raid group that 3 didgit stat hasnt moved up. Granit my 4 didgit stat before mouse over still goes up in a 5 man or raid when buffed but why not the other stat for?? The only time i can ever see that stat go up is when i use my dodge trinket i have that i got with my emblems of heroism and i am not sure why. I am sorry for the lengthy post but i tryed to explain the best i could. I used the words 4 and 3 didgit stat and mouse over to help you understand what i am talking about and to make a distingching between the 2 so its not confuseing. So i hope you can help me out with this i posted to you cause i figured dodge is pretty much the same for warriors in the sence to what i am refuring it to i know they dont need as much as druids but i think you get the point to what i am saying. I like your videos its very good info for us tanks and players of world of warcraft keep posting more. Take care.
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    hey i heard that duel specing is coming out soon, How will this duel speccing help and hurt Prot Warriors?
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    I just make an account here to thank you guys, you made my life a lot easier, your guides are awesome even we had to make some changes to make them work for our group. Please don't stop guys we need you
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    Hey Ciderhelm i was wondering what addons you use they look like they help out alot
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    I just wanted to thank you and your guild for being so helpful and professional when it comes to making the video guides for Naxx. It has been extremely helpful for me when explaining the fights to my guild
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