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    Hey Ciderhelm,
    This site is fantastic. When I wanted to get into tanking on my warrior my brother immediately told me to come here. Tanking has been enjoyable ever since. Just out of curiosity, for the sake of watching my own game play so I can make adjustments of what im doing, what recording software do you use for making your raiding and reference videos? Thanks again for all that you and the other TS admins do.

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    I would like to post a raid guide for newer players.Which forum/section should i post it in?
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    Hello. First off I want to thank you for your wicked awesome guides. My wife and I are starting to raid lead for our guild and your videos and guides have been invaluable. I have one question about which addon you are using that shows your sword and board and revenge procs... I find myself missing alot watching the raid and giving instructions... even caused a few wipes from not noticing KT's void zones. I've searched but can't seem to find the addon you use for this. Thanks again for all the help.
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    Hi, I'm about to launch a guild on my server. I'm the role of the Main Tank, and guild master.

    We have decided it'ld be best for the guild if we start on 10 man raids then progress onto 25's. I see you have a whole naxxramas 10 man raid guide and that will be a great help to the guild since i'm new to tanking etc and i've learn't a lot already.

    I was wondering if you were able to make the same guide for 25 man naxx? Some of the tactics are different and i'ld like to see how it's done before trying it out myself.

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    Shout out to the great job you are doing. The naxx videos are a huge help to me. I went into naxx for the first time last week with a group of people, most of us had never tried it before, with me as a pally off-tank. I outdid the main-tank even though he was better geared because I had a much better understanding of what i needed to be doing and when thanks to these videos, which ended up causing me and the maintank to switch places on some of the bosses since i was better prepared.
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    Yo Ciderhelm, i have a question, got a few unsure answeres via Tankspot chat and dont think it deserves its own post. How does the Flame Leviathan Hardmode work? From what i read you .. destroy towers to make the encounter harder. Well, what if you destroy too many and want to step back a step and make it easier? Are you screwed for the rest of the week (which seems unlikely). Do the towers reset aswell as the event after a wipe like Hyjal? Is what the forums wrong and Hardmode is done by leaving the towers up? Ty in advance for the help.
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    Can we get a Addons list from you.. cant get my addons to look sweet.. and to fel right... and i like yours.. can you help me. plez..

    Best Regars
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    hey ciderhelm i hav a questions. in your videos, u hav ur bars set up all at the bottom. how can u get them set up like that? thnx
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    April Fool's to you too Ciderhelm :P
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    You wont have time to reply to all of these ofc so i'll keep it constructive, im running google chrome as my browser (unsure if thats the affector) but the video for you're stratholme drake run appears to be broken for me.
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