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  1. Fully raid buffed with a pally aura i am at 380 FR.

    I use :
    Cloak enchant 20
    Phoenix fire Band 30
    Helm Enchant 25
    Bracer LW enchant 60
    Amulet of the Torn Heart 24
    Lesser Flask of Resistance 50
    Inferno Hardened Gloves 40
    Pally Aura 130

    As long as your raid dps is good there should only be 2 breaths that threaten to kill you. On the first one i hit SI and Bark then have a cooldown blown on me for the second.
  2. Sir,

    Might I ask if you use the flame resistance pants from the badges? Im worried about losing the piece set bonus for Barkskin. In one of your posts you said you had 277 fire resistance for this, I was hoping to shoot for the 430 mark, but I dont know if that is necessary for 25 man. HALP!!!
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