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  1. i agree guess was just frustrated have nothing against cc daoc has mezz but with the rp system u can buy a purge for it i feel like most battle grounds if im not fear stun silenced cycloned disarmed or not mind controlled off the cliff of lm or some sort of cc i am spending the rest of the time rinse and repeating, if there was some type of purge other then relying 2 min timer on the (1) trinket
    u can have lower the timer on them, again this is not a qq have not been playing that long trying something other then dark ages of camalot a game i played for 9.5 years and come to a game where at least my server it is not the fight it is how much u can cc some one to death. but i guess it is what it is
    thank you for the contructive responce though
  2. I saw the question you posted on lores page but we (ad DK i mean) have enough cc breakers like icebound and lichborn, ok they are only effective if your blood/frost but you have a point, they should reduce the cd of those breakers to 1 min or so because its realy stupid (as a human dk you have 3 ful cc break (EMFH, Lich, pillar of frost) + stun break (Icebound)) and im still rooted, hexed, cycloned. or they should remove change hungering cold for a uniqe pet, unholy have gargoyle, blood has runeblade, why cant frost have a mini wyrm that has 1min freezing spell (or just you summon thousands of small whelps that freez a enemy, what we can cc something for 20 sec max if we use all spells that is stupid.
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