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  1. Figuring anything would be useless in Clysm, let alone DKs would be foolish and generally confusing to me.

    I'll answer what questions you have in the forums, if you have any others or want to explain your concerns to me, feel free to PM me. I'm usually pretty good about answering them.
  2. Hey Satorri, i'm new to the TankSpot, but i've seen many of ur answers on the forums. You must be a DK from everything u talk about on there. I sent a question on the Ask a Beta tester a question, forum directed towards you. I'm a PvP tank DK right now, with 38k health, with a pretty bad spec that is pretty fun to have. Anyways wanted to know if u could send me an answer on my quests on the forum, it was a few cuz i'm pretty worried that DK's will be pretty much useless in cata.
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