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  1. Hi, sorry I just saw your post. I'm glad if someone tells me how to improve my English, so thank you for that. I was only irritated because your post did not address the subject of the thread.

    To be honest I just did not see the different spelling before, because in non MMORPG forums you only see "thread". In German we speak about "Aggro" when we mean threat. I've read it now and then but I think it was mostly used by German speakers.

    The layout of the German keyboard has 4 more letters () so many symbols are at different positions. The numbers are at the same places. The only two letters that have their places switched are Y and Z since Y is nearly never used in German but quite often in English. Overall writing English text is not much harder on a German keyboard than on an English one.

    Have fun,

    P.S.: If I just spelled stuff wrong, please ignore that. It's 1:30AM over here...
  2. Hey, sorry about my rant the other day. Your English syntax is really good so i assumed you were a native speaker At any rate, if you'll allow me to try to help with that one word 'threat.' You often use the word 'thread' which is how you describe yarn, or the groove in a screw or a forum post. Threat as applied to tanking is the term used to hold agro. Drohung is the german word (I believe you said you were German.) Threat used outside of WoW describes a dangerous dog or a hostile person (The dog was threatening me; The drunk man threatened to kill me.) I know German keyboards aren't laid out the same, (and were a mild pain to use for an American) but I thought I'd try to help a non-native speaker correct a vocabulary word.

    Again, sorry about yesterday, I wasn't in the best of moods and I let that reveal itself on the forums.

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