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  1. **hug** gald to hear that - sorry for the delay in replying see: for the reason why
  2. <333

    I'm currently in Wellington but I did and still do spend a lot of time in Christchurch. I lived there for all of 2009. As far as I'm aware, all of my friends in Chch are totally fine. That being said, a few of them did lose their houses. I've been volunteering as much as I can from Wellington.

    Really appreciate you getting in touch, has made my day. <3
  3. I should really know where in NZ you're from (blame it on pregnancy brain!) but hope you and family and friends are OK.

  4. Probably me - I used to mainly be on at ~8pm->late and that's when I'm raiding nowdays.

    7 days a week. =/
  5. Is it me who isn't around much or you or both - anyway **hug**
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