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  1. No, I use my holy spec for pretty much any encounter that I'm holy on - holy priests do best to leave the portals on valithria to other people.
  2. Aliena, massive respect from healer to healer girl! Watched your video on Dreamwalker, way to empower us!!! I looked you up on heroes tonight and was trying to figure out your holy tree. Is that set just for the Dreamwalker encounter? Just curious as after 4 years and many patches I'm looking into tweaking my tree a little bit and was trying to use an experienced healers tree to much frustration. As it appeared to only seem applicable for the Dreamwalker encounter. Just curious if you have the time for any tips. If you find the time feel free to look me up on heroes as well US / Dragonblight / Alliance / Seakitten. Look forward to hearing from you!
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