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  1. Hey Grash,
    I am definitely intrigued by the proposal. Would it be under the name of RtD or a new setup? Currently I don't really feel like playing much, but if I do decide to play properly again I'll drop Turm onto Draenor - definitely up for tanking, cba to heal.

    If there are truly no noobs.. then \o/ pick me pick me! Does this mean I can take the piss out of applicants without getting told off? :3

    EDIT: Ooh, and who will be the usual raid leader? Diecast? And I'm guessing Lion's wife will not be joining you? :|
  2. Hey,

    I have been talking to diecast and since you lost the extra people that we had, I've had to think about what I might be willing to do for wotlk.

    I will be joining lion, myanee (bah!), diecast and some others but none of the clownsquad (bloody, ciki, etc....) for a new leet guild 3 nights/week 25 man content, attendance - miss avg 1 raid/month.

    I have said my conditions are that myanee is civil to me and if he snipes or insults me then he gets a strike and gkick on 3rd strike, same rules for me. That lion does not raid lead except sometimes for fun. That diecast is GM, that neither myanee nor I are officers and that lion is only an officer. This should be kinda doable so we'll see.

    You are welcome to join us on any char you like, including turmoil.

    I suspect you won't want to but I do hope that you can put the history behind you and join us, you are a great player, a nice person and I would love to play with you again. You will also enjoy some of the groups and parties that we get and some of the 10 man stuff I'm sure. Diecast has a strong and steady hand for the tiller, he will be a great GM. Veldras is coming too. You can always just say how lion pisses you off and it won't happen any more. We won't have problems with nabs cos they won't exist! hurrah!

    This isn't set in stone, but is likely.

    Grashan (Stu)

    P.S. I'm playing my hunter and we will be on draenor.
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