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  1. That was very much me, Iowynn! The server I was on had transfers to Garrosh as well (and thanks for keeping an eye out).

    This was a very interesting read about your father. I actually had several players start WoW completely fresh from Age of Conan, and some of our best players had a lot of funny learning experiences going through (Warlock pushing 4-5k DPS didn't start seeding until last week on trash). Let me know the progress of that situation as it continues!
  2. Rolled up and played a Blood Elf DK up to 80 on Cenarius and then had to take a break due to finals. Then I got hooked on Fallout 3. I'm finally back and leveling Io but I'm not sure what all what changed. At any rate, I went to armory you to see what your current build was and noticed there's a female Ciderhelm on Garrosh, with achievements comparable to what I knew you'd done in the past in the guild Eventide. My question is, is that you or is someone trying to harass you? I ask because Cenarius was able to xfer to Garosh awhile ago (been locked for awhile due to all the xfers) and I'm not sure if one of your "fan club" decided to just be an ass.

    Anyway, more than likely I'll gravitate to the 15/5/51 build. I'm still wearing my T5 but I'll be able to pick up a bunch of rep items here as soon as I ding 78 and then I'll work on the rest when I hit 80. Already done them all with my DK so I know what to expect. With luck I'll have the mats to make my shield and whatnot before then as well. Leveling up smithing has been obnoxious so far, but at least I have stuff to DE to get Nat's enchanting up and I'm collecting TONS of shards for recipes off the Saronite stuff.

    Nat doesn't really "exist" anymore though. To make a long story short, Io came about because my 1st warrior (and 1st char) got tied up playing with my folks, that just never happened. Nat was the result of making something I could play on my own, but I was never really satisfied with her name, or gender. Io on the otherhand was definitely planned since I nonchalantly stole her persona and name from a MUD I used to play. Nat is now my 1st warrior's brother, Talthryn (still on Cenarius) that I'm leveling up in tandem with Io. Been leveling with my dad's priest and teaching him how to play effectively as one. Like before I need a char I can play when he's off farting around on one of his bazillion alts. I've been pushing him hard and trying to make him keep focus though. He's totally neglected a lot of basic MMORPG principles since EQ and is just now starting to get the hang of things. He's taking playing a holy priest seriously, so I'm trying to teach him what he'll need to know to at least be competent. I'm totally clueless on talents and gear, but at least he'll know how and when to move, how to avoid uneccesary mobs, CC when needed and so on. He did finally find a nice site with tons of holy priest advise, gear and talent reviews and so on so he's on the right track at least.

    I've been keeping a pretty rapid pace on questing and pulling 6-10 mobs at a time for the collection stuff. I tried this back in EQ with my warrior, but given how the mechanics worked he was able to squeek by with being slow and lazy. With how WoW is set up, and the new talent and ability synergies, he doesn't have that option now so he really has to pay attention for a change. It's definitely been easier to push him along to get better this time around, though I think a lot of that is also due to him actually taking playing a priest seriously.

    Now if I can only break him of his habit of thinking he's terrible when he does a PUG and the "tank" is wearing a mix of int/spirit greens and crumpling like a wet noodle. I keep telling him if the DPS is dying, it's because they're pulling aggro when they shouldn't be. And if the tank is going splat before he can even get a heal off, either the tank pulled way too many mobs or is undergeared and to give me the armory link so I can verify what the problem is.

    His healing rotation isn't optimal as yet and he didn't even use prayer of mending until I told him what it did, but he's actually getting better. Now I'm trying to get him to work on mana efficiency and a bit of pre-planning so he doesn't have such horrible overhealing.

    I'd love nothing more than to get Io to 80 asap and start hitting Naxx, but I'm actually finding it rather rewarding finally teaching him how to play an MMORPG hehe.
  3. Enjoy your Christmas and Holidays, Iowynn.
  4. Oh hi!
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