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  1. I was gone forever but now I'm back! D: haha! I've been playing the heck out of some DKs, let me tell you what. DPS is really good times but I'm actually missing tanking a lot. :C Hope all is well with you! Take care.
  2. Hi, how you been?
  3. Guess who's back again! Hehe.
  4. Come back!
  5. Don't vanish on us again!
  6. With onion rings. You're killing me, you know that right?
  7. ROFL. Man, I love cheeseburgers. Especially BACON cheeseburgers. Oh my gosh.
  8. Every time I see your blog, I think of cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers are my addiction. Damn you =P
  9. Why hello there!
  10. Hiiiiiii!
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