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  1. Hey Squeeg - atm I'm running 25mans 3 times a week and 10man once every other week to try not get burnt out, Putricide was enough to make the little gnome cry but I'm feeling more positive about that now. Main problem in 10man, for casual guilds, is the class makeup, in 25mans you can guarentee you have hunters or rogues or whatever class you need to make life a little easier Have a good weekend!!!!
  2. Hey Shorty,

    How are things? I trust all is well in merry old England

    We finally got into a guild alliance to run 25m ICC. The guild seems semi-casual like ours so it seems like it will be a good fit.

    Last night was our first night, downed Marrowgar no problem but struggled with Deathwhisper. We got to phase 2 once, but it was too slow and she enraged. I'm not sure if I'll enjoy running the same raid twice a week, I might just bow out and stick with the 10 mans.

    Our 10 man progress is slow, we lack the individual coordination to dance with Rotface and the Blood Council. We have made some progress on Valithria we just have to refine the strategy.


  3. /squish
  4. /poke
  5. I guess they took the shoutbox offline account traffic levels? Did you hear anything?
  6. How did your heroic strike problem pan out. Let me know!
  7. Ooooo...shiny green text.

  8. Boo!
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