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  1. Hello, I socket Agi/Stam for the composite value. Dodge, Crit, Armor (which is also AP). It's a nice small boost to several items for survival and threat both.

    Your gear looks fine but I would reconsider the gems in your helm, shoulders, and gloves. We don't have bad gems really, as tanks. You'll trade a small amount of stamina for another form of whatever it is you want. Your helm for example. You could trade 3 stam for 10 hit rating, thanks to the socket bonus. That would both put you closer to hit-capped and for a pretty small cost of health.

    There's nothing wrong with going full-out health, especially not as Blood, but the net value you could gain from other stats shouldn't be under-estimated.
  2. Hey mind taking a look at my gear, gems and spec and giving me any pointers, I'm very intrested in why you slot Agil/stam Gems.


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