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  1. There's lots of various spec's for PvP. (Sorry it took me so long to respond, I don't normally check my visitor messages!

    Here are some of the more common ones:
    41/20/0 this is a great build for beginners who might not have the crit/AP to drive steady rage. You could likewise take 3 points out of enrage and go 3/3 tm too but not having enrage imo is bad.

    This is another new, kinda funky but good build:
    42/5/14. It gives you access to some of the good talents in the prot tree, including last stand and defiance (gives you 6 expertise. pretty good to get rid of those pesky dodges). I've never personally tried it but I've had close friends swear by it. Again, I don't like non-enrage builds so this is not my type, but try it!
    Classic 33/25/3 build, with minor variations. I like blood craze for that minute chance to live, and some people like going imp slam instead of imp execute. Or people opt out of 3/3 tm and get 3/5 flurry. All of which are nice but it really boils down to your own play style. I love 3/3 TM since going it thanks to Kazaganthi's advice and haven't looked back.

    My latest attempt at something strange was:

    It allows for both survivability and some good damage thanks to blood frenzy debuff while still keeping TM. I think of it as my way of making up for not having 3/5 flurry. Sure it isn't as good as flurry, but it's an option. It's worth a try.
  2. hi what is the best way to pvp spec for a warrior is it Mortal strike arms if so do you know the talent tree thx
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