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  1. you too! happy turkey day.
  2. yeh all my toons are still on korgath and plan on staying there. korgath has regular pugs that are just about as good as most guilds so it's my best option to see content. anywho, see you in game in a few days bro.

    and happy thanksgiving.
  3. Cool man, well hope to see you around if you're on Korgath! ;]
  4. since early tbc arms has always had a better playstyle than fury imo and i've always been better at it. i was top 3 dps in junk gear (s2/crafted sword/kara offspec gear) when i didn't have to tank in hyjal/bt as arms and ppl were like wtf how?! but i don't know if i will keep my warrior as my main for cata. i didn't like healing on my shammy in wotlk so maybe dps, or dps on my dk, or tank on my druid who is 76 right now, or dps on my hunter who is 78. lol too many decisions. i'll have like a week to finish leveling my druid and hunter so i'll be able to get used to those new changes and if i like them or not.
  5. ah, sorry to hear about your dad, hope he's doing better. i just like the gameplay style of arms more, rather than the set rotation of fury. especially now, it's just HS at 100% and squeeze in bt and rb, you don't even want to waste rage or effort on slam procs apparently
  6. is arms still that much more fun though? i'll start playing again after thanksgiving when i get back up to co. been down in ms helping my dad around his house after he had a heart attack a few months back. internet sucks too much to play here...
  7. i've noticed! things still going good, fury still > arms for now but lets hope Cata changes that!
  8. not much dude, i haven't been around in awhile, popped in to see how goes it...
  9. yoyoyo wassup homie.
  10. kkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzaaahhhnomnom
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