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  1. Hiz! Soz to bother i guess u get tons of mesages every day! I will be honest i read most of your articles in the frequent question thing(u must get a life m8 :P although u are doing a gr8 job u must get a life :P:P) Im a frost dk trying to tank and i find some problems. Im full valorous (almost there actually) and i try to find a guide or stuff so i find what to use to get MAX out of my char. Unfortunatelly i believe that the guy that wrote the thing about dk tanking top items is an idiot since he has the tanking neck with shield block as top... If u know about dks(u probably do :P) i would like to ask u if 2 items are any good. The parry trinket(tons of parry but u say parry isn't that gr8 and i get why the boss tha drops the trinket is saphiron 25 man) and the trinket that gives tons of expertise(malygos 25). I care more about tps but i also care about avoidance and im in a delima(something like that it's spelled). Plz if u find time i would be verry happy if u answer me.
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