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  1. Yea i'd love to find a guild that I fit with for sure. I am just so burnt on leveling toons lol. I'm considering it, though .
  2. Or you can come help us out. :P
  3. no prob. Wish you were still on glands. We could get something going there.
  4. Never mind about that. I actually ditched that reroll. I didn't really like their attitude, so I decided to make my own reroll.
  5. Yo! i'll look you up on Ghostlands this evening. I should be on.
  6. Hey, message me on "Eriane" on the Ghostlands when you log on.
  7. Sure did...Well...i xfered a toon there and am still working to find a suitable guild. Been a bit tedious tbh.
  8. Hey, did you reroll on Ghostlands?
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