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  1. I am now unemployed for a few weeks and available any time during the day.
  2. By the way, I'll be quitting my job in about two weeks. When that happens, I'll be available almost any day if you're still interested in that podcast.
  3. /poke
  4. I'm bored. Stop golfing so we can chat.
  5. Ah, I'm glad to hear it! I really need to bookmark your blog or something so I can remember to stop by and say hi more often.
  6. How am I you ask? Hmm...

    Well the guild has been crazy ambitious. I eventually had to breakdown and raid this past weekend... I was going to raid yesterday too, but something came up. This didn't slow them and I know they were staring down Sapphiron at the end of the night.

    Life's going pretty great. It's overwhelming playing, blogging and socializing again though. Hard to balance. I like my job. I don't love it, but I'm respected, get payed well and what I say matters... and that's about as good as it gets, I think.

    The blog continues to grow, every day there's more and more commentors. It does become harder and harder to moderate the comments, but it's still a blast. I'm not as ahead of schedule as I used to be, but catching up is only a day or writing away

    Anywayz... there's the update.
  7. Yeah, I'm still playing, albeit more casually than I used to. I got a rather time-consuming job last May, so I created a guild that catered to my available schedule and what I always desired but was oh-so-evasive in guilds.

    As for Tankspot, I quit frequenting the site for a variety of reasons. The first was I had little to discuss. I had quit tanking progression fights and was just playing casually until the expansion hit, and there was very little I could contribute or learn from on these forums. The second was by the time I starting to come back here, I realized I knew few people here, and was essentially too lazy to try to get to know people. :P

    I'm trying to come here more often since I'll be tanking for my guild, albeit a lot more casually than I'm used to, but I'll most likely remain at lurker status.

    What about you, old friend? How's the guild? Life? Your site? I remember when your blog first launched, I can proudly say I was one of your first supporters.

    Glad to hear from you again!
  8. You still playing or what!? You're like a ghost around these parts.
  9. Understandably, his illness wasn't his fault and I grieve for a talented writer and a good man lost, but jesus! The guy drew out his series unnecessarily long, taking four books to redundantly say the same thing over, and over again. He could have finished the series if he just knew how pace himself better. :P
  10. Ya, I'm kinda glad I never got into his series now. RJ really let people down with the whole ... well you know.
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