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  1. No, I actually like her. She better stay.
  2. That's YOU! No freaking way!
  3. I totally recognized your pic.

    I was like, "IVE SEEN THAT GIRL BEFORE ARRRGH WHERE WAS IT WHERE WAS IT!" Drove me nuts til I remembered!
  4. Bingo! :]
  5. Shh! I don't talk about girly stuff on WoW forums!

    And yes, I was. I don't recall you being a member, though. I do recall there being another hardcore WoW player there, and she too played a priest, but I didn't remember her being that into WoW. You're not she, are you?
  6. Were you ever in a livejournal community named 0h so pretty?
  7. Great guide! It's a refreshingly new perspective and adds considerably more flavor to the Marmot team.
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