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  1. I heard you has some boobies now.
  2. To be fair, you can do a lot with IPB, but the amount of template modification you have to do to get it on par with vBulletin out of the box is not something I like. It still has advantages in ease of use. I like Macs, so I don't want to make a comparison that sounds insulting to Macs, but vBulletin is similar to Windows in that the vast majority of software is designed for it, IPB is more like Macs where you can find good additions, but not always, and they aren't always ideal.
  3. Really? I don't have much experience with creating and working on forums as an admin, so I find it's easy for newer people. But I guess there's less room for customization. Or are they other issues with it?
  4. Hate IPB.
  5. Do you have any experience with Invision Power Boards?
  6. I have a new avatar, in honor of you.
  7. lol @ your armory. Nice to know you have a good sense of humor.
  8. Excellent!
  9. Your new avatar freaks me out.
  10. Omgomgomg... what?
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