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  1. I know your a pally but I have some tanking questions.

    Warriors seem to get the shaft so to speak as pally's seem to be better tanks then warriors now and I was wondering if you could have a look at my toon at the armory and tell me what I need. My health is 33600 HP and my Def is 568 now reading what you guys post is that I don't need that much def and my health is to low. I am starting ICC with another guild tonight as mine is going to slow and the healers suck and they can't keep me alive.

    *Any help would be great and ty for your time.

    *This is my Email address this is much faster for me as I am on my phone all day and not at a computer. If it is easier for you to do it here in the forums thats fine and I will check back tomorrow.

    Thanks again
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