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  1. Ya that's right I remember seeing it, but you stopped writing. Meh, it ain't for everyone I guess. You definitely need an angle and need to love writing. Keep me posted though if you continue with it
  2. I had a blog. I started it in August. Wrote two blogs on it and found I didn't have anything to really say. =/
  3. You should start a blog just so you can remember the journey more than anything else It doesn't have to be all businessie like mine (that's boring )
  4. Haha, you said "lurker" instead of "lurk."

    I keep meaning to make my own blog one of these days, but I have very little to contribute to the tanking community except mindless ramblings and complaints. :P
  5. Ya my site has taken off quite a bit after this holiday season which is definitely encouraging. (good to hear you still lurker there )
  6. And how've you been? Your site seems to really be successful these days.
  7. Well welcome back regardless, good to hear you got a chance to get your priorities in order.
  8. Yeah. Took a break from the game for a while to straighten some things out, and recently came back. I still lurk around, but I don't really post much. I just don't have much to contribute these days.
  9. Good to see you are still sneaking around
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