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  1. Heh, like a certain Robert Jordan?
  2. Ya... I really, really hope he doesn't die before he finishes the series..
  3. Oh god, really? Vene, we need to have a long drawn-out conversation regarding ASOIAF. I'm actually about to re-read it again, even though I just did just that two months ago. You know he pushed back the date of Dance of Dragons again? /facepalm
  4. I never knew you were a Song of Ice and Fire fan. I threw the 1st book across the room the first time I read the ending. He better hurry up and finish the series before he dies!
  5. Learning a difficult fight and then finally getting it down flawlessly is one of my favorite aspects of the game.
  6. haha thanks

    Ya hopefully she dies this week. Should have died last week, but eh still enjoying the ride
  7. Congrats on your Vashj progress, Vene. You know I'm one of your biggest supporters.
  8. Never mind, I just read your other, other blog on it.
  9. Vene! What happened to Tanking Tips? I just saw your blog.
  10. Oh, I love writing. I just remember reading the entry after I wrote and thinking, "Well, this sounds dumb." And stopped. :P
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