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  1. hey cider, do you have any guides to making good quality videos? i have followed the guide on forums to make good quality videos and i keep having results with really bad quality.
  2. hey man quick question, i was reading though Malignus's guide to expertise and hit and i couldn't didn't see if there was any mention about the swing timer bonus on bosses when they parry, well specifically if it was remoed or is getting removed, a guildie of mine said that either it did get removed or is getting removed, have you heard anything about this?
  3. Hey buddy, don't know if there is a "post your shield slam" type of threat, i thought i saw one at some point but i couldn't find it, i posted on "post your success" threat, but wanted to share this with you, since i saw the 15k shield slam video on the front page.
    here's a screen shot of my 14k shield slam on the second boss in heroic magister's terrace, pretty much killed all the little sparks that buff you on the boss fight hit shield wall at some point and got an instant hardon : P

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