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  1. Hey Cider, Long time no talk my friend. Glad to see you are around and still kicking. Maddy and I finally had our baby on the 4th of July. We named her Madison I was out flying last week carrying some marines and it reminded me of you, so I thought I would drop a line and say Hi!

    -Chris & Steph (original Eventide members)
  2. Heya Thatoneplace! Long time, no see. Happy to see you're still around and expecting!
  3. I remember back in the day. Cider and I used to make movies. I wish I still have Vengence. That was a nice short film. Cider, this is Christobird, Maddi and I are having a kid soon! I miss the good ole days on Cenarius in Eventide! We got Orders, im now flying C-17s in Dover DE. Take care old friend. /Salute.
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