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  1. i miss my jebus
  2. Hey any chance I could bug you to make me a new sig? Ill love you long time.
  3. lol will do, im sure it wont be hard to track down your guild site.
  4. Good to see you again man, I haz missed you
    How goes icc for you guys?
    grats on the new addition as well, sleep while you can!
  5. where you at! i miss you!

    I was thinking my dk on the left warrior on the right and priest in the middle, no gear on the priest gust the guild tabbard cause he has no gear yet lol. I would like the toons names and the guild name in there and other than that go crazy man. cool, funny, awesome, how you want it i will be stoked. Ive seen nothing bad yet so have fun!
  7. ps my 3rd 80 is a priest
  8. ok would it be easier for you if i just link you my armory so you can do what you want or is it better for me to try and pick out poses and send those to you, now that I have 3 80s and a solid guild I kinda want that woven into the sig. Im really cool with you having your own artistic stamp on it just want to make it easier on you lol
  9. prolly not, After months of work just got made an officer. Guess i can fawn after you from afar
  10. hey holy, my guild is recruiting priests
    watch as i shamelessly try and steal you lol
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