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  1. The arms spreadsheet that I created has really been deprecated since 3.0.8; I need to rework it. With Sudden Death changed, theres a lot more that needs to be considered, but my initial work shows:

    1) Stay in battle stance, and keep rend up at all times
    2) Bladestorm > Execute > Overpower > MS for your cooldowns/jerk reactions
    3) Slam only when none of the above 4 is available
    4) You should be using an ability EVERY GCD. If everything is on CD, you should slam until something else is available
    5) For execute range, if you're bloodlusted/heroism you may be able to spam execute more liberally, but this depends on gear.

    1) For bladestorm, there's a sequence you can go in to get the most bang for your buck:
    - Execute/MS until your rage is low
    - Switch to berserker stance
    - Whirlwind if you have the rage and can still pop bladestorm after
    - Pop bladestorm
    - When bladestorm ends, Execute/MS/WW to get your rage back down
    - Switch back to battle stance and refresh rend if necessary

    This gives you the extra 3% crit and a shot to whirlwind, with minimum rage loss

    2) Glyph of Mortal Strike and Rend. Not sure on the 3rd one with WW changes (I'm fury now).

    That's all I have for right now; there's more but as I haven't been arms in 3.0.8 (we have a feral druid and combat rogue, so fury is better for the raid).
  2. hey bro, im not able to locate the spread sheet u were refering to in one of your posts. im new to arms-warrior in 3.0.8 and not clear about rotation and such. mind passing on some tips, etc etc.
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