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  1. Yeah.. I'm still raiding with my guild, though we've hit some bumps we killed muru about 2 weeks ago.

    If you and some of the other eventide/tankspot guys are looking to be power leveled a little bit, I can arrange to run you guys through some instances. I don't raid every night that my guild raids (we run a bit of a rotation), but friday/saturday are our off nights.
  2. TTOCS. I just reactivated my WoW account :0. Weird. Logged on to Nazjatar and was overwhelmed with my broken UI, that used to be so perfect. Yea, Eventide is still raiding 4 nights a week on AoC. We're having a good time, but the game is still broken for sure. Getting some solid boss kills in though, which is fun. You can check the guild out at Who knows whats going to happen, but I'd like to keep leveling my priest on Naz...maybe I can catch up to you.
  3. hey slacker!

    long time no see!

    Started leveling my Nazjatar toon again a couple weeks ago.. after spending some time pvping at 58/59. Sitting at 62, will probably hit 63 over the weekend.

    What have you been up to, besides AoC with cider and crew?
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