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  1. I saw your post. It was kind of funny as we were walking in and I heard the music. I wonder if it eas coincidence or if one of the WoLK designers was at AK and heard the music and said "this would work great."

    On a side note, Disney is a great place, we've been going for the last 14 or 15 years and it never gets old. I'm looking forward to the re-vamping of Pleasure Island. It seemed that the old idea of a New Years Eve party every night, just didn't keep pace with the way it developed over time. Disney's great for taking an older attraction or area and updating.

    Anyway, thanks for responding.
  2. Hey! I responded to your message about Sholazar Basin music at Disney. I heard it the other day and I almost died lol. I work there, and yes, this is the wow music that plays there.
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