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  1. That's just phase 1.... well, that and underpants....

    Phase 2: ????

    Phase 3: Profit!
  2. *sniffs* You're just a big meanie!!!! Admit it!
  3. .... mayhaps.....

    The last post paints a nice clear picture too. I just don't want to type something and come across as hostile.
  4. My internets r better than ur internets? ;-)
  5. I tried to think of a way to "argue" my view on the skill/complexity argument.... but it is surprisingly difficult to do on the internet as text takes on a different "tone" than what you may mean, and I just don't want to have a good discussion turned into something.... less savoury. At any rate, I get what you are saying, even if I may not agree 100% with it just based on how I percieve it.

    ...And yes, persuasive (otherwise 'good') arguments are tremendously difficult to find.
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