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  1. hey man just wanted to let you know i hate this fucking game and everyone who plays it accept you your my favorite hit me up sometimes maybe we could trade naked pictures
  2. ya well were all friends in this guild and the group that isnt going into ulduar is alts finishing up naxx
  3. we have downed sarth 3D. but ppl go bored and quit the game. and A and B teams dont ever work. one team ends up gimped tand they /gquit... always
  4. nice ya my guild has but 3d on the back burner for ulduar prep unfortunatly making the A and B team method which dont get me wrong works but i hate to leave people behind
  5. its goin. found a new guild on the same server. trying to weed out the bad ppl that are causing wipes on sarth 3D.
  6. sucks that the message board is down how is the guild situation going?
  7. i personally dont use any macro's. the only thing i have macro'd is my vigilance target, to my mage friend.

    if your looking to increase TPS rearranging your UI would help if you havent already. look into getting caullies ui. its great
  8. hey buddy got a question what macros do you use? looking for something to make my life easier.
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