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  1. No one else uses it :P
  2. Thanks for the comment, I responded back. Also, apparently I'm taking over your Visitor Messages page.
  3. Same. I've never been to a college party either, or anything. Some people think it lame, but I still manage to have fun!
  4. Thanks! Won't be a problem as I don't actually drink at all :P
  5. Happy Birthday and Happy St. Patty's day! Don't drink too much?
  6. You dirty Idler.
  7. "Online" and "At keyboard" are 2 different things!
  8. Are you ever not online? :P
  9. I don't think 'inflamed' is the right word, but your comment was spot on and it hadn't really occured to me before. Like I said, I mainly see tanking stuff in there (duh it's TANKspot )so I just don't think healers know that they can go there too. I know if I was new and took a glance at it, I'd second guess where to post too.
  10. It would seem my rather innocuous comment in an effort to help has inflamed members of the community. O.o
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