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  1. I probably don't tank the way you would see a majority of Druids tank, I just don't like it. They just throw on as much stamina (full frost resist set) as possible and say, "To hell with everything else, let the healers deal with it" While that might work all right for now, as healers don't have mana issues, It may not be the case in the future. I tend to look for mitigation over stamina. We already have a huge health pool, and it jumps whenever we shift into bear. In normal DPS gear, pre buffs, i have around 26k health. I think that is fine, I keep the stam/magic damage reduction meta gem, and for blue slots i use the stam/agility gems, but i don't stack stam. I do put a lot of agility in there, probably going to need to diversify to Dodge rating, and defense to avoid Diminishing returns. Just keep in mind that now we got some decent "ohh shit!" buttons. for Maex, you can pop barkskin any time, frenzied regen right before she nets, and suvival instincts if you drop low to give some extra time.

    Again, or main ability is diversity. When we were first hitting naxx, I was better geared (imho) than the other tanks we were running with, but i refused to main tank, after all, if I do, then the other tank is twiddling his thumbs, and if I don't, I can always step in after he goes down to pick stuff up, with a simple swap of my weapon.
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