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  1. Tyvm for the help =) you rock!! I did alot more dmg setting up my bar that way.. I had it a lil ass backwards >.< you are awesome!!
  2. Nice pics you've added.

    To get down to business - blood tanks right now are probably the hardest of the three to learn, but can be entirely viable as a MT/OT. You haven't been playing very long, but I also don't know where you are in terms of dungeoning/raiding, or what your particular talent distribution looks like, or what kind of gear you have up. Main concerns with blood dk tanks is strong expertise and hit rating, as most of your damage (and threat) comes from physical attacks - heart strike and obliterate.

    The quick answer to your question about what to have on your bar, in terms of offensive abilities: IT, PS, Pest, HS, RS, Oblit, DC, DnD. Your main rotation will mostly be in that order, and the goal is to keep both diseases up on all targets at all times, hit rune strike whenever it is up, and hit HS whenever you have blood/death runes that you're not using for pestilence. Obliterate will be your UF ability, which should generate death runes (assuming you have talented correctly). Death coil is your runic power dump if it's not all going to rune strikes. Most tanks find it useful to macro their main abilities with rune strike, to make sure it is always getting used.

    Again, that's the short answer, we would have to look more at your specific talents and glyphs to make more recommendations. Patch 3.1 will also change the way blood is talented, there are several good discussions going on here at tankspot to follow if you're interested!

    Happy tanking!
  3. Need help with blood abilities?
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