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  1. hey dude, sorry it took so long. Right now for pvp the "best" spec is considered to be Shadowfrost. It provides pretty ridiculous pressure with icy touch as your main nuke. The only thing about this spec is that you have to have the sigil from the Grizzly hill dailys, which literally takes 10 minutes to get. Its called the sigil of frozen concience if you want to look it up. Blood is also decent right now, if not a bit gear dependant. For a good blood spec look up Senoj's armory profile, i think hes still 53/18/0. If hes not message me and ill give you the spec. For the Shadowfrost spec (its on my armory), use glyph of pestilence, glyph of horn of winter, glyph of raise dead, glyph of Icy Touch, glyph of Blood Boil, and glyph of the ghoul. If you need any help playing this spec feel free to message me and ill help you out.
    Again if theres anything you need help with regarding DKs dont hesitate you PM me or post on my page.

  2. hi birdly i have lvl 80 DK pve dps and getting ganked everyday cos my pve pec is ruvvish against pvp players . i have desided to respec to pvp and spend soome time in BG and arena but can't find a good spec can u help me with this i dont mind any of the trees od Dk ass long as i win pleas help me of u can
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